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Our Chutney 

Our first years of trading were spent developing our own chutney recipes. Now known throughout Hampshire and the South East. These flavors are sold through independent stores, to large scale caters and more recently into whole sale. Our chutneys are full of flavor and highly price competitive. 

Not just the Perfect Pickles range. We are always looking to develop new recipes and better practices. With years of experience in the catering industry we can develop, improve and transform your food ideas and bring them to market. 

We have also gained a reputation with numerous companies as a fantastic supplier of branded goods. Taking on  production for companies has enabled us to improve and increase our production potential. We always aim to build fantastic friendly working relationships with all of our business partners and strive go above and beyond for our customers.

We have the to capacity to create, package and label products. With our experienced work force we can produce a whole range of food stuffs. From confectionery to marinades and preserves. We have the skills and the knowledge to take your great ideas and turn them into great products.

White Label Goods 
Other Services 
Working in Unison

Perfect Pickles is always developing its range and products. 

Traditionally all of our products were sold to independent stores or straight to the customer.

Now we have found many customers wish to have their own recipes produced to a high quality in large quantities. 


Be it grandmas old recipe or an idea for a new business venture we have the capacity to produce up to and beyond 200 litres of chutney or sauce a week and already fulfill such orders regularly.


Don't hesitate to get in contact to discuss you ideas or orders! 


Perfect Pickles operates from a custom built professional kitchen, based in the South Downs. In 2017 Perfect Pickles tripled its floor space increasing productivity and professionalism. 

The Unit 

Based in Steep Marsh all of our products are hand made and produced using seasonally grown and locally sourced ingredients when possible.

Our Range
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